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What options are available for orthodontic treatment in San Luis Obispo, CA dental practice?


Dr. Brad Milde at his dental practice in San Luis Obispo, CA doing orthodontic treatments

When patients are faced with the need for orthodontic treatment, they may visit Dr. Brad Milde at his dental practice in San Luis Obispo, CA to learn about the various options available to them. In the past, there used to be just “traditional orthodontics,” which involved metal brackets and wires covering the teeth to reposition them into proper alignment. Now, patients have choices available to them thanks to continued advances in orthodontic care. Below are the four options available to our patients for their consideration:

  • Invisalign – a popular choice for teenagers and adults is Invisalign aligner trays. These clear trays are fabricated using digitized impressions of the smile that are converted into plastic aligners worn by the patient each day and night to gently reposition their teeth. This is our most discreet option
  • Clear braces – another option is clear braces, which include discreet brackets and wires over the teeth that are far less noticeable than conventional methods. Brands we utilize include In-Ovation® C and the Harmony Orthodontic System.
  • Surgical orthodontics – prior to traditional orthodontic services, patients may have jaw misalignment concerns that need to be addressed beforehand with surgical procedures. Also known as orthognathic surgery, this is often done to improve the results of orthodontic treatment done afterwards.
  • Accelerated orthodontics – some patients with mild to moderate misalignment may want to discuss the benefits of accelerated orthodontics with Dr. Brad Milde. Using popular systems such as Propel or AcceleDent, patients will see major movement in a shorter period of time, decreasing the time frame in which they need to be in braces. Visiting for a consultation will determine if patients are candidates for this method.

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Our San Luis Obispo, CA area dental office is committed to offering patients solutions that can be used to improve their smile’s alignment, function, and appearance. If you are interested in learning more about the orthodontic treatment options available at Milde Family Orthodontics, we encourage you to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Brad Milde. His practice can be reached by calling (805) 541-3411, with another location available in Los Osos, CA for convenience.