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Surgical Ortho San Luis Obispo, CA - Tooth Cleaning
There are numerous components to the teeth, jaw, face, and skull. Each area works with the others to achieve necessary movements in a comfortable, efficient manner. In some cases, abnormalities in bone or another part of the craniofacial system are best corrected with surgical orthodontic care. Orthodontic surgery is also referred to as orthognathic surgery. If this level of care is needed, your orthodontist in the San Luis Obispo area will collaborate with an experienced maxillofacial surgeon to ensure the optimal outcome.

Who may need surgical orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic surgery is performed on patients whose jaw has completed its growth cycle. Treatment may be performed to address severe aesthetic concerns or malocclusion that cannot be corrected with standard orthodontics alone. The precision surgical procedure is often planned to address the issue of severe misalignment in the upper and lower jaw that prevents teeth from meeting properly. Once the jaws are in alignment, it is possible to position teeth using braces.
Surgical Ortho San Luis Obispo, CA - Jaw bone
Orthodontic treatment is done after orthognathic surgery so that it would be as good as the patient did not have any surgery. Braces are placed onto teeth, where they will apply consistent gentle force to shift teeth within the jaw. Most patients are able to complete their treatment within six to twelve months. Following orthodontic treatment with braces, a retainer will be affixed to the back of teeth. A removable retainer may be worn instead. This follow-up to braces is necessary to keep teeth from moving back into misalignment.
Orthognathic surgery can improve your facial profile, bringing your smile into harmony with other facial features. A properly aligned jaw is more functional, minimizing the stress that occurs in joints when you chew. Straight teeth are healthier and easier to maintain than those that are crooked and crowded. Your overall sense of confidence in your appearance improves significantly when your teeth are healthy and beautiful.
Dr. Milde is in the business of creating healthier, more attractive smiles. The care given to patients of our San Luis Obispo and Los Osos offices are tailored to their needs and expectations. We are happy to answer your questions or schedule your consultation today.