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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need orthodontic care?

Due to the complexity of the oral structure, it can be difficult to know for sure if you, or your child, need braces. Sometimes, the front teeth may look straight, but problems exist in the back teeth. Your general dentist may perform an orthodontic evaluation on you. If your child is the patient, an orthodontic evaluation may occur sometime around the age of seven. Dr. Milde focuses on orthodontics only, which makes him an excellent source for your examination.

Are there signs of orthodontic problems?

The best way to determine if orthodontic care is necessary is to obtain a professional assessment. Signs that you, or your child, may need to see an orthodontist include:
  • Obvious gaps or overlaps between teeth
  • Teeth are crooked
  • Top front teeth protrude out from bottom teeth, or sit behind them
  • Upper and lower teeth do not naturally fit together, requiring a shift in the jaw for chewing

Am I too old to wear braces?

With the numerous advances in orthodontic dentistry, treatment is available to more patients. Typically, the primary concern for the adult patient is that braces will look obvious in the smile. Our use of the latest technologies creates a very discreet, very comfortable process for adult patients.
No matter how old you are, you deserve the benefits of healthy teeth and gums. Correcting misalignment is a great step toward preserving natural teeth.

Will orthodontic treatment hurt?

Most people do not describe orthodontic treatment as painful. At Milde Family Orthodontics, we do everything we can to improve the process. One of the ways we maximize comfort is to use self-ligating braces. Because there are no bands or ties around brackets, tightening braces is a much gentler process. If "teeth" feel sore at any time throughout your orthodontic treatment, a low dose of over-the-counter pain reliever should be sufficient to sustain comfort.

Is it necessary that my general dentist refer me to your office?

Though many people are referred by their dentists for orthodontic care, you are free to choose whom you would like to see for this important treatment.

What will be learned during my consultation visit?

An orthodontic examination can provide important information such as whether there is an orthodontic problem at all. If there is, we can determine the severity of the problem. Solutions will be discussed, including whether extractions are recommended. Sometimes, one or more teeth need to be removed to create space so the remaining teeth can move. An orthodontic consultation will let you know how long you may need to wear braces and the cost of treatment.
We are happy to answer questions you have about orthodontic treatment and our practice. Contact us in Los Osos or San Luis Obispo today.