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Innovative Orthodontic Treatments at a Dental Clinic for Clear Braces in CA


Dr. Brad Milde’s dental clinic for clear braces in Los Osos, CA offers orthodontic treatments.

Clear braces have gained immense popularity in the field of orthodontic treatment, as appearance is something that counts a lot to almost all individuals irrespective of age. If you want to attain ideal teeth alignment, then treatment at a dental clinic for clear braces in CA could be the right choice for you to achieve a confident and beautiful smile.

In-Ovation® C

The best part of the In-Ovation® C system lies in its translucent ceramic brackets. They bear a glassy texture to meld well with the natural tone of the teeth. The In-Ovation® C braces comprise self-ligating characteristics and can sustain continuous pressure and stability with the aid of a free-sliding piece supporting the bracket in holding the archwire.

The In-Ovation® C system extends multifarious advantages, which include:

  • A delicate appearance free of metal or elastic ties
  • A comfortable feel
  • A shorter session at the dentist’s office

Harmony Orthodontic System

A natural yet beautiful smile is something everyone wishes to have. and now, it is an easy task to accomplish with the Harmony system at a dental clinic for clear braces in CA. It helps in aligning teeth, and as it is placed at the back, it remains invisible and creates the smile that conquers hearts.

The difference between clear braces treatment from the other orthodontic treatments is that it helps in retaining the natural look and feel in the best way possible. The braces are comfortable to use, can be adapted easily and are budget-friendly. Most importantly, there is no requirement of visiting the dentist at regular intervals for periodic adjustments. Your beautiful smile is thus granted with less effort and fewer visit to the dentist’s clinic.


Invisalign® is an orthodontic system that uses transparent plastic aligners to make the cosmetic dentistry approach better. They offer simple, yet natural designs backed by a refined, scientific approach. The aligners are manufactured in laboratories bearing state-of-the art facilities to transform the images into animated forms and provide a step-by-step approach to the correction procedures in the course of the treatment.

The properly worn aligners fit well to the oral system and achieve a successful outcome to the treatment. Normally, it takes 9 to 15 months for the treatment to be completed and offer best results. .